The Difference Between LIGHT and Wrong

Working with a client this afternoon on light fixture selections for the first floor of their home, I got to thinking that this is one area where clients often get lost. Now, I'm not saying that these particular clients are lost; in fact, they have actually been doing their homework on all the many things to consider when choosing, purchasing and installing light fixtures. But, because light fixtures can be such a difficult thing, I thought I'd share some designer insights that might be beneficial. So here they are!

Top 5 Things to Consider with Lighting

  1. Fixture Type/Usage First thing's first, what type of light fixture does your space call for? A ceiling pendant, table lamp, recessed light, wall sconce, floor lamp, or a combination thereof. And, what do you intend to use this space for and, therefore, how will you use the light fixture? For reading, cooking, putting on makeup, mood lighting, overall room lighting, or just for added decoration. With this first consideration, you'll need to answer the above questions and also think about how often you'll use the fixture, at what time of day, etc. This will make the following considerations easier.

Photo showing multiple types of light fixtures.

  1. Light Quantity and Quality Next thing to do is, based on the usage determined first, decide how much light you'll need and what feel you want that light to produce. Do you want lots of bright light? Or, do you want soft diffused lighting? This where you'll consider wattage, number of bulbs, incandescent of fluorescent, desired mood, soft or hard lighting, direct or indirect lighting, etc.

Photo showing low lighting for a mood effect.

  1. Scale and Proportion Once you have decided what kind of fixture and what kind of light you need, it's time to determine the appropriate size of that fixture. The first question to ask regarding scale and proportion is - How big is the intended space? You can only choose a light fixture that will actually fit in your space. However, that isn't the only size consideration you have. There is a real design decision to be made here. What impact do you want this light fixture to have? Is this a statement (or focal) piece? Or, is this a more functional piece that you want to meld into the rest of the design of the room? Playing with scale is a great tool designers use to add interest and drama to a space.

Photo showing scale with light fixtures.

  1. Style After you've tackled all the major requirements, you get to the fun part! What style is the light fixture going to be? Again, you'll have to remember its usage and its scale, and whether it's decorative or functional (or hopefully both); but, ultimately, it could be any style you wish, from a really clean, modern, simple fixture to a very traditional and overly decorative fixture. This will be dictated by your style, of course, and the style of your space! Make it work seamlessly with the rest of the design. Also, when choosing the style, you will also have other choices regarding the look of the fixture like color, finish, shade style, etc.

Photo showing the awesome style of an entry light fixture.

  1. Placement And, before you can call it done, you must think about the final perfect placement of your fixture. This consideration is really taken into account early on as well, but it's key in the installation process. Exactly where should your fixture be hung, mounted or placed? At what angle or position, and at what height or width apart? It's best to think about lines of sight and any specific axis used in the space. You know, consider if it should be centered on a window, in line with another fixture, at the appropriate standing or seated height, etc.

Photo showing placement of light fixtures.

So, next time you are thinking about switching out a light fixture or adding a new one, first think about these Top 5 Things. There are, of course, several other things to consider with any design element, such as budget, timeline, etc. But this list should get you started and hopefully have you selecting the LIGHT choice, and not the wrong choice!

Images from today's post can be found on DecorPad.

Our Big Purchase!

We took a little break from publishing blog posts while we were out of town visiting family in Boston for a few days. Anyway, now that we are back, we’d like to get back in the swing of keeping you up to date on the happenings around here with us, our home and our design studio. We have quite of bit of news to catch you up on, but we'll do so over the next few posts. Today, we wanted to share with you just one new thing (but it's a big thing) - our recent big purchase! While it isn’t a new design find for our home, it was definitely a similar hunt and ultimately a design meets function decision.

It was actually very helpful for our recent trip to Boston. Can you guess what it is?

Well, after living in New York City without a vehicle, when we moved to our new little city, we needed wheels to get around and we needed them quick! So, as luck would have it, Logan’s cousin was selling his car and, for a great price and instant mobility, we made a deal and bought a several year old 4-door Saturn.

Although this car may not have been our first choice, or even our style, it did the trick and served us well over the last year or so. But, it was definitely time to let that car go, and look into getting something newer and more ‘us’.

So, car shopping we went. We had a checklist of what we were looking for which narrowed our search right off the bat. Here’s a snippet of our wish list.

  • A compact SUV – to be able to haul our good finds home (or to clients homes), instead of always borrowing someone else’s bigger vehicle or having things delivered.
  • With these standards – 4 door, automatic, 4WD, moon roof, etc.
  • With exceptional quality – drives well, holds value, great safety features, etc.
  • With these features – AUX input for rocking out to our iPod tunes, fold down seats to make plenty of room to haul stuff, a roof rack to haul even more stuff (for road trips, etc.), and lots of well-designed storage.
  • That is in some way environmentally friendly – low emissions, good gas mileage, etc.
  • In a neutral, yet stylish color – this is the vehicle we use for work, as well as personal, so it’s got to be in keeping with StudioVB’s brand.
  • So, after looking at several different makes and models, we ended up deciding on the Honda CR-V. It covered everything on our wish list, and we are big fans of Honda’s (we had a sad goodbye to our stylish and trusty Honda Civic when we moved to NYC), so we are glad to have one back in the family!

    Here’s a pic of the new ride!

    Photo of a 2011 Honda CR-V

    Yep, that’s a pic from the manufacturer – I wanted to take snapshots of our actual car, but this weather put a damper on that idea. So, as soon as we get a sunny dry day, I’ll take a few shots to show off our new beauty and the cool features she has! And yes, it's a she - but we're still deciding on her name. =) Any name ideas, feel free to shoot them our way. Then, we'll introduce you to her personally in an upcoming post!