Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For most, weekends are great for “getting things done.” And, that is definitely the case around our place. While we also take time out of our weekends to enjoy ourselves and to see friends and family, we always make an effort to cross something off the list… yes, you know, the list. So, last Saturday, we took some time to work on our list while also helping the environment. For some unknown reason, the city of Harrisburg does not offer residential cardboard recycling pick-up. Therefore, instead of just throwing it away, Valerie and I have been saving our cardboard in the basement until we accumulated a large enough pile to merit a trip to the local recycling center. After collecting for a few months, the time had come!

Image showing car with cardboard in trunk

Side note - For any of our Harrisburg resident readers, the closest recycling center is in the parking lot of the Uptown Plaza.

Close up of cardboard packaging in box

Car at the recycling center

Logan putting cardboard in recycling bin

I should also note that, in addition to simply recycling your cardboard, you can also use your acquired cardboard for crafts and other projects. You might recall from a previous post that we made our Christmas cards this year by reusing the cardboard from our everyday household items. Also, check out the recycled cardboard mosaic Valerie has been working on. Don’t be afraid to get crafty, people!

Regardless of whether or not you decide to use your cardboard for any crafts, just remember to reduce, reuse and recycle!