CLIENT Satisfaction Survey

StudioVB greatly values the opinions and feedback of our clients! In order to enhance our services, we hope you’ll candidly evaluate our performance and complete this brief post-project survey. This should only take a few minutes of your time, but we know your time is valuable, so after completing this survey, you will be rewarded with a $100 credit toward design fees on a future project. Thank you!


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Did StudioVB meet your overall expectations? *
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How likely are you to seek StudioVB design services again for a future project?
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Rate your experience with StudioVB?
Please consider each of the following statements independently, so that we may discern which areas are our strengths and where can can improve.
StudioVB provided clear and consistent communication throughout the project.
StudioVB exhibited exceptional design talent, skill, expertise, and style.
StudioVB's design process was easy to understand and/or explained appropriately as the project progressed.
The StudioVB team treated you professionally - with respect, attention, courteousness, and valued you as part of the team.
StudioVB worked efficiently and the project proceeded in a timely manner.
The final result created by StudioVB was exactly what I was envisioning or better.
On a scale of 1 - 6, please RANK each item below (giving each a unique number) to illustrate how important each factor was in selecting StudioVB, or in selecting an interior designer in general. 1 = Most Important 6 = Least Important
Design Style/Aesthetic, Portfolio Images, Designer Credentials, etc.
Designer Personality, Rapport, Guidance, Listening Skills, Communication, etc.
Informative Website, Photos, Social Media Posts, Reviews, etc.
What part did you enjoy most? What aspect of our services was most helpful? What was the greatest benefit you gained from our services?
What could have made the project better? Was there something you wished we would have done differently? Is there anything you would have liked to have known before the project began?
Is our pricing/billing clear? Did we stay within your budget? Do you feel that you received a great value for your money?
Here is your opportunity to jot down any comments, suggestions, praises, concerns, feedback, etc.
If you'd be so kind to say a few words about your experience with our design studio, we'd greatly appreciate it!
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If you'd like, please let us know who you are! You are welcome to remain anonymous, however, if you'd like to receive the $100 design services credit, we'll simply need to know your name.
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