We're designers, but we're artists first.


From an early age, art and creativity have been a huge part of who we are. So, while interior design is our main focus, we consider ourselves a creative studio, and offer a variety of other creative services as well.

Those who know us consider us their go-to creative duo.. and we consider that a huge compliment. Over the years we've been happy to help our clients, acquaintances, family, and friends with a myriad of creative endeavors. We've been operating this side of our business under the designation Random Creativities and that pretty much sums up the projects we've done. Check out the list below!


Random Creativities

Some of the creative projects we've done.

Event Decor & Crafts

Decorative Murals

Rustic Wedding Menu

Decorative Cakes

Hand-painted Signs


Digital Art Prints & Posters

Charcoal Portraits

Hand-crafted Costumes

Fine Art

Decorative Cookies

Craft Projects


Woodworking Projects

Oil & Watercolor Paintings

Event Posters

Mosaic Art

Upcycled Furniture



Basically, to put it bluntly, we love to design, craft, and create. So, if you're wishing you had a creative friend to help you with that random project, now you do! We are always open to a new opportunity or challenge. Please don't hesitate to contact us to inquire about how we might help you bring your creative vision to reality, or perhaps help you to form a creative vision in the first place.



How it works.



To start, we discuss with you your idea or goal for the creative project and together we begin to form the vision for how we'll design and create the final work of art. You tell us what you have in mind and it's our job to figure out the details on how to create it. With your approval of our plan, we move into the next phase.



Then, we get to work being artsy, crafty, and creative. We typically take care of getting the supplies and, of course, doing the creative work, so you can sit back and relax. Depending on the scope of your project, we may meet with you to present our progress, discuss revisions or development, and/or work together to achieve the creative goal.


Work of art

Lastly, we put our final touches on the piece and consider it complete! And, here is our favorite part - we then present it to you and wait for the happy faces and rave reviews, which we accept modestly. =) And, don't worry, if for some reason you don't have that reaction, we work together with you on the piece until you do.

OUR Creative Work

Some of our recent projects.


Check back soon to see our creative gallery!