To start, it's different than Event Planning.


Event design is the process of creating a vision for an event and then designing all of the visual details to transform your space and tie it all together - from the invitations and decor, to the activities and even the food. Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, we take inspiration from you and create a beautiful, memorable, and well-designed event.

To clarify the difference between designer and planner.. As an event designer, also sometimes referred to as an event stylist, we focus on the aesthetics, design, and decor of the event. We provide creative visual ideas that bring a cohesive theme (or as we like to call it, brand/style) to your event, and we, of course, help you make it happen by sourcing, creating, or crafting those details for you! On the other hand, an event planner will focus on the logistics, professional services, and coordination of the event. They provide assistance with timelines, the event budget, vendor referrals, day-of coordination, etc.

While we are not event planners, we can offer our limited services in this area for smaller events, if needed. Otherwise, we will happily work together with your event planner!

Our creativity, expertise, and professionalism as an interior designer transfers very easily to providing event design services. We utilize most of the same design principles that we use with our interior design projects - spatial layout, color concepts, functionality, style, decor and accessories, etc.



OUR Event Design PROCESS

How it works.



To start, we sit down with you to discuss your goals and vision for the event. Do you have a color palette, a style, or a theme in mind? We take inspiration from you and design an event concept board illustrating how your event will look and feel including all the details! With your approval, we proceed with the plan and begin the Prep Phase.



Then, we start prepping for the event - printing the invites, visiting the venue, purchasing the supplies, hand-crafting the decor, etc. We tackle most of these tasks for you, but we, of course, allow you to be a part of the process too, if desired. With all supplies and decor ready, we organize and pack it all up to be brought in on the day of the event, making the set-up process smooth and easy!



Finally, it's go time. On the day of the event, we help you set-up, layout, and style the event space(s), and ensure that every detail is executed and looks amazing! As an additional service, we can offer our coordination services for the day - managing vendors, accepting deliveries, etc. Nonetheless, after the event, we return to tear down the space and congratulate you on a beautiful event!


Areas of Expertise

What we handle.


Color Palette

Creative Food Ideas



Sourcing Supplies


Event Decor & Design


Personalized Touches

Event Setup & Styling

Spatial Layout

Creative Activity Ideas


Hand-crafted Decor

Product Selection