What is Home Staging?

And, why you need it.


Home staging, also known as real estate staging, is the process of preparing your home for sale through methods of de-cluttering, de-personalizing, repairing, updating, cleaning, and, of course, staging your home with necessary furnishings and decor. We help you present your house in its best light, appealing to the widest range of potential buyers and ultimately help you get a faster sale with the highest price.


Homes that are professionally staged sell faster and for higher prices than homes that are not. Home staging is a small investment that yields a big return!



How it works.




First, we conduct a walk-through evaluation of your property to determine the requirements of the home. Then, we create a written report with our recommendations and suggestions on updates, improvements, and design ideas to best prepare your home for sale. While you tackle some tasks on your own, we begin the next phase.



Next, we propose a comprehensive staging plan that will guide you through the process. Then we get to work implementing that staging plan! Depending on the needs of your property, we may provide design ideas, amend furniture layouts, assist in home organization, manage renovation work, rent furniture, and, of course, stage the home with decor & accessories.



Lastly, with the home in tip-top condition, we execute a final walk-through to ensure the home is market-ready. Then, we assist our clients in preparing for open houses, getting listing photos, etc. And, once the home sells (likely in a short time), we'll return to the property to clear any rentals, staged goods, etc. and congratulate you on a worthy investment!



The details you want to know.

Updates & Renovations

We determine and suggest what updates or renovations should be made to the property to improve its selling potential, then work with our trusted contractors and suppliers to get the work done.


During the early part of the process, we guide you through sorting, organizing, and even packing up belongings to pare down your home and create a clean, simplified, and highly appealing home.



We have an inventory of decor and accessory rentals for use in your home, and we also work with local furniture rental companies to provide you furniture, as needed, for your project as well.